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Luxuriously Kinky 
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About Me

Hello. Hi.

Being an experienced bizarre lady and fetish model means keeping up with my ever-changing sensual, strange, and often sadistic tastes. I have a particular fondness for role play, fantasy, and any excuse to dress up. Experimenting with different sensation cocktails, is my favorite hobby. It’s true I can be a bit greedy, but I also love to be the girl who shows up with a clipboard and whistle when it comes to creating fantasy scenarios for others.


I'm a fan of BDSM because beyond our initial carnal pleasures, is something so valuable: the opportunity to play with our shadow in a toxic society fueled by shame. Play is essential for self-knowledge, and having permission to make art of our contradicting impulses and taboos makes room for opportunities toward self acceptance, discovery, and compassion.

Are you determined to make the most out of your time on this sensual plane?

Are you a submissive looking for loving discipline from a dedicated teacher?

Are you looking for company while exploring the "off beaten path?"

Just curious?


Who Are You?

It can be challenging to feel safe expressing our uninhibited nature. Luxurious kink is the practice of living a shameless life of debauchery in a safe and consensual environment with a little bit extra, and a popped cherry on top. Luxurious kink gives us the opportunity to let go and subvert the roles and responsibilities we carry in our daily life. It allows us to surrender to the fluidity of our true nature. As a result, we gain access to our power. And of course, there is room for vanilla, too.

What is Luxurious Kink?



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Cake and then some.

Let's get away.





Contact Me

Contact me by completing the entire form below. The more detailed you are now, the less time we waste, which means more time for the good stuff! Please read the FAQ section on the bottom of this page for more general information before contacting me. If everything looks good, I will usually get back to your request no later than a few days.  I do all my correspondence through email, however on rare occasion when phone calls are necessary, please specify if it's ok to call or text.


Please note that I never book appointments on the same day. Being rushed is such a mood killer, and I will need advanced notice so that I can be sure to prepare for our visit.


I require a $50.00 minimum deposit upon all bookings.

Contact Me

Thank you! See you soon.



Q: What is the best way to contact/address you?

A: Please contact me by filling out the form on the reservation page.  Respect, along with my safety, is of utmost importance to me. Therefore, avoid using explicit, suggestive, and offensive language.  The respect for my boundaries and need for discretion is crucial for the safety of both of us.

Q: Do you take last minute appointments?

A: Rarely, but for returning clients only

Q: Are you submissive?

A: Top only. 

Q: How should I prepare for our first meeting?

A: I very much appreciate showers before hand. Please use little or no scent, absolutely no perfumes, (it's hard to get scent out of leather), and prepare yourself for the enjoyment to follow.

Q: Do you screen?

A: Ah, yes. Everyone's favorite. Always. On the reservation page please provide your full legal name and phone number. This is what I use for a background checks. In addition, please list two reputable provider references that you have and employment verification. The more information you give, the faster and easier it will be.

Q: Do you provide references if I would like to see another provider?

A: Yes. If you have had a full session with me I would be happy to provide a reference for you. Please feel free to give my contact info to other providers.

Q: Does race or ethnic background matter to you?

A:  I find all sorts of people attractive no matter their race or ethnic background. I would never say that I “don’t see color,” however, nor would I ever want to ignore the fact that the construct of white privilege and racial inequities are an unfortunate part of our daily reality. 

Q: Do you offer incalls or outcalls?

A:  I am available for both.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Sorry, I am not accepting credit cards at this time. Cash only please.

Q: Can we negotiate your donation?

A: No. 

Q: I’d like to extend our time together. Can I expect you to automatically extend the time if we’re right in the middle of things?

A: Please negotiate that with me prior to the conclusion of our initially agreed upon time. Otherwise, expect me to politely take my leave once our time has concluded.

Q: Are your pictures for real? Are they up to date?

A: They are for real, and I post new photos regularly. Be advised, I like experimenting with different looks frequently. I like to wear wigs! I like to wear different styles of makeup! If there's a particular look you are digging, don't be too shy to tell me.  

Q: What does consent mean to you?

 A: Ask before you touch, unless I’ve already invited you to do so. Practicing good consent is important to me. Respecting my “no’s” gracefully is crucial. 

Q: Do you expect gifts or tips?

A: Never expected but always appreciated. I like lingerie by Bourdelle.

My sizes: bra- 34 C, panty- xsmall, waist-small.



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